Pest Control Mosquito Services

Mosquito Biting Man's HandMosquitoes have a four phase life cycle which can take four days to a month to complete with the female adult mosquito living up to 8 weeks.

Mosquitoes are insects found all over the United States and are known to bite humans and animals. These bites produce a red whelp that itches and stings. Female mosquitoes cannot produce eggs unless they feed on blood. Aside from being itchy and irritating, mosquitoes can spread diseases through their bites. For example, cases of malaria, encephalitis, Zika and dengue fever have been reported in the U.S. as a result of mosquito bites.

Water plays a vital role in mosquito breeding and population. These pests must have access to water to reproduce. When mosquitoes are abundant, especially in the summertime for residents of the St. Louis and surrounding areas, many homeowners cannot go outside their homes comfortably without being bitten.

If the mosquito population near your home or business is especially heavy, professional extermination treatment may be necessary. Bugs By Brian® Pest Control in St. Louis and the surrounding areas takes every measure to treat only target organisms, and never to put your family or pets at risk.

Call St. Louis and the surrounding counties pest control company Bugs By Brian® today at (636) 394-0101 to exterminate a mosquito infestation around and in your home or business.