Don’t Stop Pest Control Appointments, Despite the Economy

How to Save Money on Pest Control Services

Many St. Louis residents on both the Missouri and Illinois sides of the state line are looking for ways that they can cut their costs by spending less money on many services that they
once viewed as essential. But one service that residents should not pass over is regular pest control. The average cost of a regularly scheduled pest appointment is $75, and maybe
at first glance it may seem like money that could be better spent elsewhere, but for many pest infestations, the act of avoiding professional pest control can cost homeowners much, much more money in the long-run. Don’t wait for an emergency to call your pest control professional.

Some homeowners think that they can save a few bucks by avoiding hiring professional
exterminators and instead handling pest control themselves with home remedies or store-
bought products. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a home remedy might do the trick for a
small infestation. But for the tougher pests or heavier infestations, many homeowners
battle with pests for months and fail to do a job that is satisfactory enough to eliminate
the pests once and for all. Even worse is that some pests are difficult to identify and
homeowners sometimes use the wrong pest control techniques. The costs of your wasted
time, energy and pest products add up fast.

Other homeowners choose to simply live with the pests. (How, exactly, we just don’t know.) However, this decision can be much more expensive than simply hiring an exterminator. Pests like termites that are left untreated can do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Carpenter ants are also very economically destructive ants in Missouri and Illinois. They burrow through wood and construct nests, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Most homeowners are also aware of the detriment that termites, carpenter ants, and other pest infestations can cause when they are allowed to go untreated. Unfortunately, many homeowners easily mistake these pests for odorous ants and similar species, which lead to them failing to take the steps necessary to protect the home. Bed bugs continue to multiply until you have a full-scale intense infestation on your hands. A cockroach or rodent infestation can spread dangerous diseases that can lead to your family or pets getting sick. Many species of rodents, including mice and squirrels, can chew through walls and electric cords, potentially sparking electrical fires that can put the home in serious jeopardy.

Aside from the misery and discomfort caused by pest infestations in your home, the damage to your home, medical bills and lost work from contracting diseases, and so on, can cost much more than the professional treatment would have in the first place. So if you thought about skimping on pest control appointments to save some dough, think again. The cost of preventing an infestation is far smaller than the cost of treating for a cure at later date. If you live in the St. Louis or the surrounding areas, call Bugs by Brian today to set up your regular pest control appointments. We also offer package deals that get you a lower price on regularly scheduled pest maintenance. Call us at (636) 394-0101 or e-mail us at


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