How to do Preventative Mice Control for Mouse Season

Mouse ExterminatorWondering how to prep your house for mouse season to do preventative mouse control and rat control? You’re smart to do so. An unseasonably warm winter in St. Louis this year has created ideal conditions for an explosion in the mouse population. Cold winters usually limit mouse populations. However this year’s warm weather, along with destruction of mouse habitats by flooding and human encroachment, is forcing mice closer to human populations. This means we can expect a very active mouse season later this summer.

What to Expect

The mouse explosion has likely already begun. Adult mice breed in warm weather and start having babies about three weeks later. Pregnant mice migrate towards homes when the first cool winds blow looking for a warm place to have their babies. Mice bear about 6 to 10 babies per litter and can have 5 to 10 litters per year, so the population can quickly get out of control. Once a mouse finds a safe place to live and reproduce, she will rarely leave. Therefore it is imperative that you start now to mouse-proof your home, and to eliminate any existing mouse infestations before they become permanent.

Mouse Control and Mouse Prevention

Effective mouse control involves treatment and prevention. Here are five steps you can take to prevent mice and other rodents from infesting your home.

  1. Eliminate any current infestations. Contact a professional mouse exterminator (Bugs By Brian does mouse extermination in St. Louis and surrounding areas) to get rid of any existing rodent populations. Your pest control professional has access to products unavailable to homeowners, with the proper training to safely treat a commercial or residential environment. Repeated applications may be necessary until the entire population has been eliminated.
  2. Seal off entry to the home. Walk around the entire perimeter of your building and look for cracks and holes where pests or rodents can enter the home. Seal the entrances with plaster, steel wool, or expanding foam. Install wire mesh over dryer and air vents. Have mouse extermination professionals install exterior rodent bait stations.
  3. Eliminate sources of food and water. Store all human waste in approved trash cans with lids and stored animal food in sealed plastic or glass containers. Keep the kitchen free of crumbs and dirty dishes, and make sure that garbage cans have tight seals. Don’t leave pet bowls out with food in them. Make sure that grass seed and other edible garden products are in sealed containers.
  4. Eliminate nesting places. Get rid of clutter, old boxes, furniture and piles of junk where mice can nest. Your garage or basement may be culprits. Trim the shrubbery around the building, prun overhanging tree limbs.
  5. Ongoing maintenance. Continue preventive efforts to keep mice from coming back. If you do notice a re-infestation of mice, contact your pest control company for immediate pest service to eliminate them before they reproduce.

Getting Started

Mice are a fact of life in nature, but they don’t need to be a fact of life in your home or business. Talk to the St. Louis pest control professionals at Bugs By Brian today about mouse control in St. Louis and surrounding areas to get started on a prevention program before the mouse explosion hits. Contact us here, or our phone number is (636) 394-0101.

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